Interesting read and comments! I’ve always been an in-house UX content strategist. Part of my role is to define the company’s content mission and outline the steps to achieving that mission. The focus and strategy is different in every company. Voice and tone, editorial guidelines, content types, content governance, process optimization between content, design, and engineering (Think publishing microcopy directly from a CMS!), measuring content success, enabling the team with tools and resources. The list goes on and on. To be honest, many of the content strategists are good writers and don’t mind that being part of our responsibility. Being in the weeds also gives me credibility to the guidelines I create because it shows that I walk the talk. Imagine getting guidelines from someone who hasn’t kept up his or her craft? Few companies hire content strategists who don’t write. Our industry is just not there yet. Words are part of the true value content strategists deliver. At least I haven’t met any UX content strategists who don’t write in their jobs. :)

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Product content designer. Former journalist. Lover of words and great stories.

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